Here are some recent projects that were built, maintained, improved upon, advised… (I had stuff to do with these)


razorfish|health – Freelance Senior Flash Developer



My Role for Razorfish Health of Philadelphia: Supporting Flash developer and primary Flash developer for the Razorfish Health conversation section.


Razorfish Health Conversation Project

This area of the Razorfish Health website was built over a period of many ideas, revisions, new ideas, multiple developers, and then me. I came into the project nearing completion and was able to introduce new features, update design, work remotely, and help launch the web site. I also was able to help in other areas of the site, building anything that was asked of me.

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Comcast: Versus – Freelance Senior Flash Developer

My Role for Versus: Contracting Flash developer providing flash development on a per project basis.


Comcast – Versus – Tour De France Interactive Map 2010

The latest (I’ve been so happy and honored to hopefully make this an annual project for me) Tour De France interactive map was a great ride.

The 2010 Tour De France Interactive map

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Camp Versus:

A nice project to showcase the summertime programming from Versus.

Welcome to Camp Versus

This project uses a compiled .FLA library file, the thePlatform PDK video player and is a pure AS3 compiled project in Flex Builder 3. Just embedded the library .swf file for assets.

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NHL Playoffs and Finals scoreboard:

This scoreboard is based on the College football/NHL scoreboard (see below). Basically, a new skin and only providing NHL playoff scores. The scoreboard is on the latest and greatest version of and will be updated when the season reaches the finals (Go Flyers!).

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Multi-Sports Scoreboard:

viewing college football scores

Scoreboard in a College Football view

A small project for that really turned into a nice project. This pure actionscript Flex builder 3 project pulls data from an external scores feed. The SWF file is designed to show both College Football and NHL (National Hockey League) scores.

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thePlatform Syndicated Video Player:

Versus thePlatform Video Player

A quick snap shot of the video player

This project was a roller coaster ride to say the least. It’s built with thePlatform PDK.


We used thePlatform’s component video tools and used their CMS data backend for all the video storage and delivery. thePlatform’s backend data services are very, very powerful, but my past experience with a earlier version of thePlatform’s PDK left me hoping it matured since then. There’s just so much focus on easy it is for anyone to put together a video player with their online tools, but every client/job/project I’ve ever had: we want our own custom touch, we have our own custom needs and we have sWalt (that would be me, the flash developer that we’re paying to do this custom stuff) to code it all.

Sooooo, that being said…..

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Tour De France Interactive Map 2009:

Well, this project was a memorable one, mainly because I started to really use casalib’s library. I was able to leverage casalib’s casasprite and a few other features. Loading data is a breeze, and the distribution class is awesome, really saves a ton of time.

View of the map

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Comcast – E! Online – Fulltime Senior Flash Developer



Video Gallery:

This one was a great project to be a part of and I got a chance to work with a great guy in the Flash community. While working on’s video players (will be posting those projects in the near future), I worked with Felix Turner as he was also doing some contract work with We wrapped up a pretty cool ‘year in review’ celebrity project and he began work on a video gallery for E! I went to another project and eventually was handed his work. Can’t say enough good things about Mr. Turner and his code.

E! Online Video Gallery with a video playing

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Recap 2008 – Year in Review

This was a great project to be a part of, working with the team in LA and the great Felix Turner. The E! team came up with the idea of splitting out content into silos of different content and to provide an easy way to view all the year’s photos, videos and even an interactive quiz. I was tasked with creating the video, quiz, and the intro portions of the app. The portions were pulled into a shell component that used swfAddress for deep linking, had omniture tracking used brightcove for the video services, and served DART ads. Since E! moved to thePlatform’s services, the video portions no longer are working.

The intro to E! online’s Replay 2008:

E! online - Intro to the Replay 2008

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Comcast - – Fulltime Senior Flash Developer


My Role for Senior Flash Developer responsible for Flash development and a majority of front end UI and developing designs with HTML/CSS/Flash. Many of the projects I worked on during my stay at are no longer live on the internet. Since many of my projects were tied into a .NET backend platform, I will attempt to display as much of my work as I can. Launch Logo. There are a few logos to go around… *sigh*



Re-Skin Home Page for a tentpole event

We did a quick skin on the homepage for a push for a web-mini-series following the 30 Days of night Movie.

When I first was hired as a Sr Flash developer at, the ideas and ‘life’ of what they were going to try and pull off was amazing. I’m a Flash DEVELOPER and to see some pretty wild designs come my way, I was very excited to try and pull off some wild crazy ideas on tons of properties in the horror world. Here’s a screen shot of what one of the original home pages for the site was like:

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Super Simple Bug Squash Game:

pretty simple game with a hairy chest for a playing field

This was a “put out the fire” game I needed to create. Built in old school AS2 and only a few hours, I thought I’d post it anyways

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