some say:

basically saying this moving that, how much it took…..etc etc to define “Work”.


I prefer just showing stuff I do, for fun, for $, for love, for life, for my wife, for my puppies and now for my newborn daughter :0)

Hey some work is serious and powerful, but fun is always just fun even better when you can get paid doing it…

Every Dev needs a hobby…..

After a late FLASH 4 start – dev was intrigued, FLASH seemed cool… - FLASH 5 was awesome with ActionScript 1.0 and some XML…..FLASH MX and it’s dabbling in video codecs. Giant man like leaps in FLASH MX2k4 then FLASH 8 and it’s “I can be your friend too mr designer, don’t fear code” but I did get some nice filters to code with…..Then the scary ADOBE Takeover = FLASH CS3 and ActionScript 3 and dev was happy. Today (not doing much beta in CS5 due to Apple’s ballon busting party, I have a bone to pick with Apple) I seem to love being in

Flash CS4 + Flex builder 3

= Development happiness

(which means for clients project happiness :o)

(Yes I do love Flash Builder 4 but I’m still loving it in Flex 3 land. Note: Pure Actionscript 3 projects only. Pure Flex need not apply here)

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Look Around, make comments, ask for more, hire me…pay me….rinse…repeat!