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Jamaican salesman

Took this during our last vacation to Jamaica. This hard working salesman had bird feeders and just walked right up to me. So I shot…

Whole new world

So I’m now getting into the world of photography after purchasing a Canon Rebel t1i. My fiancee and I took a vacation to Jamaica and I had a blast with it. I had the lens kit (15-55mm) for the trip and I could really feel myself ‘maxing’ it out. I’m really thinking about trying to find some classes or some additional information (reading only gets me so far) on how to really use the camera. If I could choose a second career, it’d be photography.

I ended up getting the 28-135mm lens and have yet to play with it. So clear and crisp it’s breathtaking just to take everyday pics. I still can’t get over how fast the auto focus is and just how powerful a DSLR can be. I’m sure I only scratched the surface….

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