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Razorfish Health – Health Conversation

The RazorFish Health Conversation Bubble View

This area of the Razorfish Health website was built over a period of many ideas, revisions, new ideas, multiple developers, and then me. I came into the project nearing completion and was able to introduce new features, update design, work remotely, and help launch the web site. I also was able to help in other areas of the site, building anything that was asked of me.

The entire site is built on top of the Gaia framework, which at the time was new for me. We were still able to use Flex builder 3 as our editor (I also used Flex builder 3 to commit/pull changes on the SVN used) but used the Gaia Flash IDE component to compile. It wasn’t that bad in the end but it took some getting used to, coming off a pure actionscript 3 project.

Live Link: http://razorfishhealth.com/#/health-conversation

More images:

A quick total count of conversations is pulled from the server and shown to the user.

The current count of conversations

Once a user selects a conversation, a detail view is shown with additional content. Over time more data is pulled from the server and a ‘drip’ is created to keep showing new content.

Detail list view of a chosen conversation

There are some really incredible people at Razorfish Health! I felt so comfortable working there and at the downtown office. It was such a pleasure to come into this project and help get it launched!

Comcast – FEARnet.com – Super Simple Bug Game

Ok, this one was a “put out the fire” game that was sold by the sales team before the tech team even knew about it. So I had to whip up a game in a few hours. The game was for the movie “Bug” and the only assets we had was a hairy chest. I made bugs randomly scatter about and the user has to click their mouse to squash the bugs before time runs out. Pretty simple stuff but I figured I’d post it anyways.

The game did send a server side score post and we kept a list of high scores.

P.S. Since the whole thing is named around the word “bug”, I created a bug that allows me to NEVER lose and always have the highest score EVAR….muaaahahahahaha *ahem*

SVN support in Flex builder 3

So I’m looking for a SVN client on mac that will just plain work. I could go parallels and the norm but in searching, I found this:



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