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When I first was hired as a Sr Flash developer at, the ideas and ‘life’ of what they were going to try and pull off was amazing. I’m a Flash DEVELOPER and to see some pretty wild designs come my way, I was very excited to try and pull off some wild crazy ideas on tons of properties in the horror world. Here’s a screen shot of what one of the original home pages for the site was like:

Granted this kind of home page would not be able to support the overall plans of what wanted to become, but at the time, it was pretty cool getting those assets and building that page. Maybe if I can dig up the actual .swf file I can post it somewhere.

Some old FEARnet work

While digging around my hard drives, I came across some screenshots of what my life was like when I was working for (Comcast). Since they migrated to a new platform out in LA (merged with Comcast Entertainment Group), most of my work now exists in the form of screenshots. So….over the next few posts, I think I’ll show a bit of what used to be like…

I’d have to say it was a ‘dark’ time in my career working in a pretty exciting medium (what developer wouldn’t want to have vampires, aliens, supernatural beasts, werewolves all around them to develop with? Plus, I could plug my anime addiction whenever possible), but feeling like you’ve got one hand behind your back and your mouse is broken. We did do some nice work but it was a VERY tough environment to work in. There’s a lot to be said being a Nerd (note the capital N), working on a project with a lot of passion, and only to have someone in a completely different field (TV programming) ask why aren’t we getting ‘Hulu’ like numbers? ummm we just launched this a few hours ago. Having a tech team of 3 people with maybe 2 temp contractors at a time, it just made doing what I love to do, developing Flash based projects a ‘treat’ for me. I ended up doing so many HTML/CSS front end simple projects that there were times I questioned my sanity and just how much longer could I take being a web developer in a TV world.

That being said, I did have some awesome co-workers, a few super cool projects and for all the head banging against wall moments, there were some very very cool moments. Hopefully, I can show a few of those moments throughout the site…

Comcast – – Super Simple Bug Game

Ok, this one was a “put out the fire” game that was sold by the sales team before the tech team even knew about it. So I had to whip up a game in a few hours. The game was for the movie “Bug” and the only assets we had was a hairy chest. I made bugs randomly scatter about and the user has to click their mouse to squash the bugs before time runs out. Pretty simple stuff but I figured I’d post it anyways.

The game did send a server side score post and we kept a list of high scores.

P.S. Since the whole thing is named around the word “bug”, I created a bug that allows me to NEVER lose and always have the highest score EVAR….muaaahahahahaha *ahem*


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