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The latest (I’ve been so happy and honored to hopefully make this an annual project for me) Tour De France interactive map was a great ride. Last year’s map we all felt was a good start but if we had more time, there were ideas left on the table. As always, it’s great to meet with the Versus team and brainstorm some ideas on what to do for this year’s map. After a few conversations, we had a comp, an idea and I went to town. Versus usually gives me room to develop with creativity and there were multiple times I was able to give creative input and make a difference.

This project was built in Flex Builder 3, a pure AS3 project and I used a couple libraries to speed up development. As always, I use casalib, I used as3coreLib, greensock, and yes, the thePlatform PDK video player was used for video playing clips of each stage. I would think I stayed a bit more true to the MVC framework ideal than I ever have before (and not letting little details and ‘proper’ format get in the way).

This is the full page when hosted on the domain.

The 2010 Tour De France Interactive map

Here’s a view of the map when a user selects a stage and is viewing the stage detail view: Tour De France 2010 Stage Detail View

Clicking on any of the images above will take you to the current live site. I think the two images above show in a nutshell what the app was all about. The detail view has a stage image, stage description, video highlight of the stage course, an RSS feed view and some external URLs for more content per stage. The current structure of the website and this full stage map, has really filled the need for a ‘higher-level’ view of the tour.

Loving QR codes and will fully support them

Yes, they’ve been around for a long time but I think they’re just awesome. QR (“Quick Response”) codes are like embedding data into an image. I’ve always thought they were cool even when Microsoft was doing their tag thing (someone remind me what that was called….) I am trying out a few different services and so far I’m going to try pingtags. The reason being: Ping tags connect to LinkedIn and even though the QR code has to send you to a website to show you the information, they track it, PLUS if the user allows it, they can GPS it and see where your ping tag was scanned.

I’m planning on putting my QR codes on everything. I already spent the time we all dread updating my resume but it was actually enjoyable because I put a nice fat QR code on it :o)

I’d love to have a QR code that would just instantly show my info and be able to be tracked. I’m wondering just how many people will trust a tag’s shortened URL. But…..getting a page with my info, showing a direct link to LinkedIn AND getting tracking on where and how many scans there were? How can I say no?

Anyone else out there use anything like this?

Oh, if you’re here from the latest QR I put out, welcome and you’re the reason I think I love’em!!

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