Keep your Flex Builder 3 play area clean….Trust me

While working on a fairly large pure AS3 project, I wasn’t able to export a release build. Well, it was more like, Flex Builder 3 just gave up and didn’t even give me an error. Another issue I ran into: Running the debugger on a project….and….it…..takes……




right in your face.  (Was I expressive enough with the big cheesy font in red?) You check your flash version, you get the latest debugger, nothing works. What worked for me:

Clean your project! Project->Clean…

Then pick the project you’re currently working on. Always seems to work for me. Hope it helps someone out there.

as3 – encode/unescape Note2Self

Note2Self: Seems I always end up forgetting the proper syntax and want to do  something that never works. Just a reminder to myself and anyone that ends up here from google…

var url:String = “www.YOUR_DOMAIN_HERE/a path that needs to be encoded”;
var encodedUrl:String = escape( url );
trace( encodedUrl );
var decodedUrl:String = unescape( encodedUrl );
trace( decodedUrl );

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