I’m not a writer, designer, project manager, zoo keeper, mailman and many other things. So….I decided to write this in a language I write in alot, Actionscript. One of the many things that I am, is a Flash Developer. I won’t write this as if the entire site is a project, but it’s easier for me to express myself in code than the standard English language. I’ve been digging into Actionscript for over 10+ years now and it’s just easier this way…trust me.


package com.sss.about.description{

import com.sss.debugging.tracer;

import com.sss.personal.*;//contains relationship, breed, offspring. sexLife classes

import com.sss.utils.locationBased.*

import com.goodStuff.*;//wish you knew what was in there don’t you??

import internet.badass.*;//AKA Google : o )

public class SSS_Who_Me extends Sprite implements BadAss

public static var _name:Soul = Walter_Steve_Pollard_Jr;

public var _aliasArray:Array = new Array(“NooRotic”,”NRotic”,”sWalt”,”Walt”,”Rip”);

public var _hobbyArray:Array = new Array(new Hobby(“Photography”), new Hobby(“Bowling”), new Hobby(“Anime”),new Hobby(“Interactive Entertainment”));//aka video games : o )

public var _location:Place = Earth.NorthAmerica.UnitedStates.State.Pennsylvania.Philadelphia;

private var _relationshipStatus:SexLife = relationship.Married;

private var _offspring:Offspring = new Offspring(female,new Date(2010,2,23,17,49,0,0),”Zola”, “Irene”,”Pollard”);//keep in mind some date values are zero based

private var _dogArray:Array = new Array(new Dog(female,Breed.Mutt,”Sierra”), new Dog(male,Breed.Mutt,”Copper”));

//business related props

public var _meAsContractor:Contractor;

public var _companyContractorArray:Array;

public function SSS_Who_Me()





private function init():void{

this._meAsContractor = new Contractor(this._name);


//just an example of the many functions I can do



private function _onFreelanceHire():void{

var companyName:String = “yourCompanyName”;

var yourCompany:Company = new Company(companyName,companyType.creative);//it’s ok if it’s not a creative type, but preferred

var theFlashProject:FlashProject = new FlashProject(yourCompany);

if( yourCompany.needFlashDeveloper==true¬†¬† )//does checks something like yourCompany.flashDevelopment == “weak”||yourCompany.flashDevelopment == “understaffed”|| yourCompany.flashDevelopment==null


yourCompany.contractor = me_contractor


me_contractor.currentFlashProject = theFlashProject;//creates a new flash project for me and init from there



private function _onCompleteProject(evt:FlashProjectEvent):void{

var yourCompany:Company = evt.targetCompany;



this._name.sendInvoice(evt.targetProject,yourCompany); //send invoice has all the details of how to charge the project – no need for that to be here :o)