I was a huge fan of twitter when everyone thought it was a dumb idea but I loved it for different reasons. I would make quick posts about what I was working on and my fellow devs would too. So we followed each other and had ‘digital scrums’ almost throughout the day. It was great, then it became so much about meaningless information that I lost interest in it. I always pulled for Twitter and hoped they would succeed, I never stopped thinking it was a great idea.

So a couple years pass and I’m now back into twitter, not for the mainstream “Follow-your-celeb-news” reasons but as a “quick-hitting-lean-mean” RSS feed. Since upgrading my phone (Samsung Galaxy S and loving Android) and getting into mobile apps, I’m in the process of tweaking my twitter account and leveraging lists to provide useful information.

So I’m back to twitter and we’ll see how long this road lasts…