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Thinking about starting a boycott on

So I go to, create a profile and (so far) dig the information on the site until…..

I notice it’s everything MOM related, which is cool but not when it’s supposed to be for PARENTS. Why is it that dad’s get almost no love when it comes to kids and being a parent. I could rant (don’t get me started on ‘daddy’ books) on but that’s my short and sweet on

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Importing from illustrator to flash

I found this to be a little strange. Maybe I’m just so out of the loop working with illustrator but…. exporting to a swf rastorizes graphics but copying and pasting from ai to fl, imports the vector shapes. I noticed the imports were just not as sharp as they should be. So just trying to copy/paste (Even from ai CS3 to fl CS4) did what I needed it to.


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